FINAL REMINDER: Director ID Applications

by | Nov 28, 2022


The deadline is near! Avoid the fines!

 As of November 2021, the Australian Government introduced a new legislation that requires all directors of Australian companies to have director identification number (Director ID).

You will need to apply for a director ID if you are a company director. This includes if you are a director of your SMSF or family trust corporate trustee.

 You will also need to apply for a director ID if you are acting in the capacity of an alternate director, even if you are appointed for a specified period or a temporary basis.

If you have not applied for directors ID by the new deadline (By 30 November 2022) civil and criminal penalties apply.

For your convenience, I have included instructions below on how to apply for your director ID.

 If you are one of our clients, once you have completed your application and received your number, please email a copy to us for your file.

Should you have any questions on this matter or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out by booking a phone meeting here or contact us using the form below.

– Team BKSP

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